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basins of attraction.

Basins of Attraction is a body of work seeking to examine notions of resilience through impossible landscape. It has been proposed that an ecosystem can exist in multiple alternative stable states with the tenacity of a given state dictated by the system’s ability to adapt and reorganise due to disturbance. The more resistant and resilient the ecosystem, the greater the disturbance required to tip into an alternative state. This is also the notion of the basin of attraction. The deeper the basin, the more stable the state. This body of work draws upon the semiotics of landscape tradition to question the viewer’s relationship with the land by proposing what are clearly entirely fabricated landscape constructs which whilst ostensibly pleasing to the eye are unnerving in their homogeneity.  Here, the ecosystem as ultimate stable state where the interactions of elements within the system are so balanced with sufficient redundancy to have created a regime of total resistance and resilience, dominating all.

The Willows of St Dennis, 2017, Watercolour on paper, 1000 x 1500mm
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