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small interventions

So as to avoid the attempt at mass communication and waste of resources entailed in the traditional gallery show, small interventions is an attempt to anonymously communicate with an individual, providing an aesthetic, perhaps emotional, perhaps humorous experience outside a context where an art experience can be anticipated. In some regards, these small interventions are experiments in humanity as expressed as an act of pure giving and unanticipated receiving without any possibility of reciprocity. Items or situations are created to be found by unknown individuals for their appreciation or disregard. Here are two examples, most go undocumented.

Small interventions are part of Acts of rebalance.

1. Dave. 2018. There is a homeless man living semi-rurally in our locale. Though largely uncommunicative, we see him regularly. We decided the most likely way any assistance would be accepted was if it was presented without any active quality. 5 bottles of still water were left in a location sure to be found with a note from my eldest son (age 5) wishing him well. The intervention began with the placement of the water and ended when, over the course of three weeks, the bottles were removed, one at a time, until none remained. The note was left unopened and unread.

2. Paper House. 2018. The intervention began with the placement of the small white paper house in a location with infrequent footfall on a fine, overcast day. The intervention ended at an unknown time when the house was removed by a passer by. The intention is simply to delight whilst slightly unnerving the recipient.

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