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woodland management

The most part of my time is devoted to woodland management and forestry. I am very happy to advise and produce management plans for your existing amenity or commercial woodland and can facilitate in the grant application  process for creation of new woodland. I work closely with skilled contractors capable of carrying out any practical felling, stock control and planting to a very high standard. 

Whatever your objectives, be it timber, coppice produce, nuts, or the less tangible benefits of hydrological management, amenity or ecological improvement (none of these are mutually exclusive), I am happy to talk with you about your needs. I have been doing this one way or another for nearly 26 years.

Weirdly, a particular area of expertise is the intersection of forestry with the management of vegetation around power lines, so if you have lines on your property and have been approached by the representatives of your area network operator regarding the removal or pruning of your trees and are concerned about their proposals, I am happy to provide advice on this too.

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